A wristwatch tells accurate time, and it also shows one’s taste and status. Nowadays, a wristwatch is not only a timepiece telling time, but an essential accessory. It’s important for men to wear a right wristwatch. We all know that hands of a wristwatch goes in circle, so it’s the reason why most wristwatch cases shape round. When men choose wristwatches, two principles will be considered, accuracy and taste. We have already seen too many round clocks and wristwatches since timepieces were born. In my opinion, I have been tired of round watch cases.

In psychologically, a concept called “psychological square” came up. The discovery changed deeply people’s daily life and has applied to daily designs, like costume printed with stripes. In the watchmaking field, square watches looks more attractive than round ones. The watch case is the most immediate element of a wristwatch. Watch brands use their brains to design distinctive models in order to meet one’s demands. If you want to leave a deep impression on people at the beginning, a square watch is more suitable than round watches.

As for square watches, I have to say Bell Ross, a young Swiss watch brand. Bell Ross watch features aero dashboard-inspired dial. Square cases and dashboard-inspired dials make the young watch brand rank the list of luxury watch brands for short years. A Bell Ross square watch shows one’s personal charm and good taste best. For most ordinary people, it’s a smart choice to get a high-quality replica Bell Ross square wristwatch.

For the present, the keyword “Bell Ross BR03-92” is the most-searched item of the year on Google. It means it is the most popular model. Today, I recommend replica Bell Ross BR03-92 Steel Ref: BR0392-BLC-ST to men that are interested in replica watches. Replica Bell Ross BR03-92 Steel Ref: BR0392-BLC-ST, 42mm, square watch case with four screws, round bezel and round black dial. The fine watch can grasp one’s eyes immediately. Satin-polished steel case shows endless charm and good craftsmanship. Swiss 316 L steel is chose to protect the inner structures better. Resistance to corrosion and abrasion makes users feel sincere and safe. Black dial and white indexes is a simple match. Numerals, indexes, hours and minutes hands filled with luminous material show high readability in dark conditions. Sapphire crystal features resistance to abrasion. Black rubber band shows sport style further.

Replica Bell Ross BR03-92 Steel is equipped with Citizen 9015, an authentic Japanese mechanical movement. Good performance and ultra-thin model make Citizen 9015 be a mainstreamed movement. It features unidirectional self-winding tourbillon, fast rotary speed and stability. In a word, the replica Bell Ross watch is trustworthy.


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